Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Charlotte Crosby, Mario Falcone get makeover task

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Charlotte Crosby and Mario Falcone have been given a task in the Celebrity Big Brother house today.

Geordie Shore star Charlotte and Towie hunk Mario will give Courtney and Dustin a Geordie/Towie style make over then set them up on ‘romantic date.’

Charlotte and Mario will be called to the diary room and told that they must give Courtney and Dustin makeovers. Charlotte will give Courtney a Geordie makeover, including hair extensions, fake tan and a new dress, whilst Mario will kit out Dustin so that he looks like he’s ready for a night out in Essex.

As well as physical makeovers, the reality stars will teach their prodigies suitable Geordie and Towie language such as ‘Reem ‘and ‘Tashing on’ .

Mario and Charlotte will then have to create a dating/break up scene based on their own turbulent relationships on their reality shows. They will devise a bomb shell and only tell Courtney or Dustin. For example Dustin may find out that Courtney has been messaging other guys and Courtney may throw a drink over Dustin as he got with someone else in the bed next to her!

Once they have been transformed, Dustin and Courtney will meet in the tree house at ‘Laurens Bar’ for their date, where they will act out their constructed reality scene

If they manage to impress Big Brother with their makeovers then they will win some American treats such as waffles and pancakes.

The task will air on tomorrow night's (Saturday) highlights show on Channel 5.