Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Courtney Stodden 'milks' Dustin Diamond's bed and he's not happy!

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There was one very annoyed Dustin Diamond in the Celebrity Big Brother house today.

The US star awoke after a rather uncomfortable night's sleep in a wet, milk ridden bed.

An innocent Courtney however insisted: "I didn't do anything"

But as she remembered more and more about her booze fueled antics, she began to confess: "I don't remember what I did to your bed, I did something but I didn't pee in it...

"What I did to your bed was so wrong..."

"Don't tell him!" Courtney's partner in crime Lauren shouted.

"I didn't pee in it it or anything, it's not bad, but it's naughty," Courtney recalled. "I just remember there was a little bit of milk..."

"I told her not to... I was trying to protect Courtney," Lauren interrupted. "I was really ill last night, sorry...

"Oh dude!" remarked Dustin.

"It wasn't Courtney, it was someone else," the US star said innocently.

"Nomination reasons are one thing, but I don't destroy people's property," Dustin snapped.

"You can get me back," Courtney offered as Dustin stormed back to the bedroom.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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