Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Day 12 highlights and recap


Day 12 in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house saw the gang given their latest shopping task.

After the nominations results the night before Mario cheers up Sophie and Vicky in the bedroom telling them he is unable to get out of bed for 15 minutes as he has morning glory.

Shopping task ‘The Prisoners’ begins with Mr Big talking to the house, revealing he has taken Mario, Lauren and Carol hostage.

After seeing Lauren accuse Abz of nominating her, Louie tells the others that she also accused him of nominating her and then backtracked when he said he hadn’t.

In the luxury task room, Carol and Lauren are discussing whether Big Brother has put the two of them together as Lauren drives Carol crazy.

For giving away all her clothes and Doug bunny, Courtney gets to see Doug (her husband) for a few minutes whilst he is tied up in the small task room.

In the luxury task room, Mario and Carol are talking about how much they are strangely missing Charlotte being around.

Bruce and Dustin are in the kitchen discussing that they believed it would be more relaxing in the house and they would have a much easier time than it has been so far.

Courtney is moaning about her overalls and hairnet that Big Brother has given her to wear. Dustin tells her she looks good in everything she wears and Vicky remarks that it is nice to see her covered up for once.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5

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