Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Dustin Diamond gets special task

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Dustin Diamond must persuade the other celebrities to help him endorse his fake, disgusting tasting, energy drink.

Dustin was called to the Diary Room where Big Brother explained that today the house will be stocked with Dustin’s very own celebrity energy drink, V.I.POP.

Dustin’s will tell the other housemates that it was in his contract that at some point during this series the energy drink would be featured in the show. Dustin must convince his fellow housemates that this is true, and then get them to help him endorse the drink in a series of bizarre scenarios.

The drink itself is bottled with fake labels and packaging designed and produced by Big Brother. The drink is billed as a health & energy drink, with list a supposed positive effects that include:

* Increased intelligence
* Increased libido
* Increased positivity

To pass the task, Dustin must get at least one celebrity to endorse each of the supposed positive effects of V.I.POP. If Dustin does this without any of the other celebrities rumbling him, then he will win a reward for the house consisting of:

* A platter of Salmon - Increased intelligence
* A platter of figs and champagne - Increased libido
* A platter of chocolate and fruits - Increased positivity