Big Brother 2013 winner Sam Evans set to go back to work!


Big Brother 2013 UK winner Sam Evans has revealed he's set to return to work.

Sam, who won Big Brother 2013 on Monday night, is hoping to get on with his shifts in the stock room at his local Debenhams.

The down to earth Welshman has no plans to let the £100,000 prize change his life, saying: "I will go back to work. A couple of shifts now and again, just so I'm keeping myself in a job. But I'd love to do some things regarding TV. I'd definitely take a few opportunities."

The 23-year-old revealed in his exit interview that he'd be giving £25,000 away to charity and a further £25,000 to his family and friends.

"A hundred grand is a lot of money. Even if I give away a generous amount of money, I still have a lot left over," he explained. "I don't think I'd ever regret it as I feel very strongly about it."

Speaking to The Sun newspaper after the final, Sam also insisted that he didn't have a crush on Gina despite his drunken admission on the last night.

He told the tabloid: "She gave me a lot of time in the house and we had a good connection and she's a very beautiful woman. I found her really special because she made me feel a lot better in the house.

"I had to keep my distance as she has a boyfriend and I respect that. He's a cool guy, so nothing is going to happen."

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