Big Brother 2013: Sam Evans declares his love for Gina Rio

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A VERY drunk Sam Evans declared his love for Gina Rio in the Big Brother house last night.

On the day before the final, Sam confessed he did in fact have a rather huge crush on his pal on the show.

We've known for a while, and so have the other housemates, even if Sam argued with anyone who suggested such a thing.

He told Gina: "I think you're very attractive and you've a wonderful personality, but I'm not the type of guy to flirt with someone who's got a boyfriend. "

Gina asked: "So why all this time have you said 'You're not my time', why say that?"

"Okay,Gina, I didn't realise... over the last month I have grown to appreciate you," Sam slurred. "I know you have a boyfriend and I respect that so I'm going to stay clear."

He explained: "I feel we do connect more than people I do connect with anyway, but you've got a boyfriend so I wouldn't come on to you, I'll let you have a happy life, I wouldn't even let you know what I like you."

A much more sober Gina told him: "You just did! At least you're honest."

"I want to meet your boyfriend and shake his hand and tell him he's a lucky bloke that's it, I'll leave you both alone," Sam concluded.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.