Big Brother 2013: Dexter Koh brands Charlie Travers his "soul mate"

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Dexter Koh brands Charlie Travers his soul mate in tonight's Big Brother 2013 highlights.

Dexter is in the diary room talking to Big Brother.

“I feel amazing! Never ever thought I would be in the final. I’m still here! I’m taking a rucksack with me of all the things that I’ve learnt and never will do again, I will take with me," he says.

Speaking after Sophie's eviction, Dex gushes: "I’m ecstatic that Charlie hasn’t gone…I adore her and it’s been the icing on the cake for my Big Brother experience. Things don’t always have to be about sexual attraction, I’ll quite happily marry her and have no sexual relationship, and I’ve found a soul mate. I’ll have to live in hope; I’m not going to give up on Charlie Travers.”

Later, Dexter and Charlie are talking in the kitchen.

Charlie admits: “I’m gobsmacked that I’m here. I can’t believe it. I will go for dinner with you to talk it all out.”

Dexter replies: I don’t want you to leave her with question marks over your head, it will affect me…

“I’ve never used you…I never thought I would meet people who would give me the time of day in here. It’s been a lot harder than I thought.”

Charlie adds: “I will have a good heart to heart with you over dinner with no cameras.

Big Brother 2013 will air tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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