Big Brother 2013: Sam Evans accuses Dexter Koh of cheating on 'girlfriend'


Sam Evans has accused Dexter Koh of cheating on his 'girlfriend' in the Big Brother 2013 house.

It follows Dexter's claim that he loved Charlie Travers made yesterday.

Bitching in the bedroom, Sam told Gina and te twins: "He's going this far so he can get cameras on him."

Confronting Dexter as he spoke to Charlie, Sam asked: "Dex, can I ask you a question... have you got a girlfriend at home?"

"No, I had a relationship that was just starting out when we came in here," Dex replied.

"No, you said you had a girlfriend," Sam insisted.

Dexter claimed: "She basically said we'll put it on hold and gave me a hall pass. She said I can come in here , a hall pass if you like."

But an unimpressed Sam repeated: "So in other words you're cheating on her with Charlie"

Meanwhile, Gina told the twins in the kitchen: "Their [Dexter and Charlie] little chats are so annoying, they're so inappropriate. As Dexter's friend, he should be able to come to me about relationships and things."

"On both of their parts, they're both as stupid as one another," Jack replied.

Gina agreed: "They're both silly. She's 27 for Godness sake, she's old enough to know what she's doing."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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