Big Brother 2013: Charlie Travers and Dexter Koh clash after he professes his love

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A row filled the Big Brother 2013 house last night, as Charlie Travers and Dexter Koh had a heated argument in the garden.

It followed another set of apparently dodgy actions by Dexter, which left Charlie frustrated.

"There are some things that don't add up," she said, following Dexter packing his suitcase despite not being up for eviction. "You go into your own zone about yourself and then you say it's because of me. You say you can't sit next to me because you're too upset, sometimes I think you're full of s***."

"You just don't get it, you really, really just don't get it, you don't," Dexter replied.

He repeated: "You don't understand, you really, really, really don't understand. You really don't."

Dex continued: "I get so annoyed and I get angry because I know deep down in my heart that you don't have feelings for me and I've got so much love and care for you and I know it will never happen."

"It's not about words, it's about actions,' Charlie said. "I don't care about all these nice things, I don't care if you go into the Diary room and say you adore me, there's a cliche saying, actions speak louder than words an a lot of your actions dot add up to a lot of your words."

The conversation then got weirder as Dexter told Charlie he'd be up for artificial insemination if it still meant the pair could have some of relationship together.

He concluded: "I truly love you Charlie Travers"

However this was met with a rather cold: "Oh, shut up."

Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5.

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