Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio and Dexter Koh pass their genie task

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Gian Rio and Dexter Koh have passed their latest task from Big Brother.

Last night, Gina and Dexter became the genies of the house, granting wishes and making the housemate’s up for eviction possible last day in the house as comfortable as possible.

The nominated housemates had a tough week and so Big Brother decided to let Gina and Dexter make their life easier.

Over the course of the day, Gina and Dexter were responsible for doing everything around the house and fulfilling the nominee’s every wish, fetching drinks, packing their suitcases and working the showers.

As an extra, Big Brother also offered the 4 potential evictees one special wish that was chosen in the diary room, split into a number of categories.

Sophie picked Beauty and so Dexter did her make up.

Sam picked Games and so Gina played football with him.

Charlie picked Relax and chose Dexter to give her a massage.

Jack and Joe were left with Music and so Dexter and Gina sang a rendition of I Will Survive to the house.

Because the Genies complied with the wishes they received a selection of doughnuts to share with the house.

The task will air on tonight's highlights show on Channel 5.