Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio passes her latest secret task

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Gina Rio has passed her latest secret mission from Big Brother 2013.

Once again, earlier today Gina was called to the Diary Room to be set a secret task by Big Brother.

Gina became Big Brother's new best friend, and was provided with an ear piece.

Through this ear piece Big Brother provided various tasks that their best friend must do around the house without anyone realising.

Gina successfully:

Told another housemate 3 ways they can improve their appearance.

Told the housemates a fake secret e.g. that Big Brother has told her there will be a twist on finale

Stole all the tanning products from the house and put them in the Hatch/Diary Room

Revealed which housemate she wants to leave on Friday.

Threw a random strop in the house

Thew Sophie’s dressing gown in the Pool

Despite the twins catching on that Gina was up to something secret, Big Brother still decided she had passed.

Rather than spending the night in jail, Gina was rewarded with another luxury meal, along with her chosen fellow housemate Sophie.

The task will air on tonight's highlights show on Channel 5 from 9PM.