Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio and twins Jack and Joe argue over 'mole' accusations

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The sound of shouting housemates once again filled up the Big Brother house this evening.

Gina's latest secret task required her to throw a strop, but it ended up with a full on argument between her and twins Jack and Joe.

"Are you guys speculating about me?" she asked after overhearing the pair.

"We know what it is, well... we don't want to say it because we'll get in trouble but we know what it is," Jack replied, hinting that they knew about Gina's secret task.

"I'm hearing people are saying they're speculating about me and being nasty about me..." Gina said.

Joe however revealed his theory was much deeper than than just a secret task, branding Gina a "fake housemate".

He told her: "I've always been suspicious since the safe house."

"Everyone's speculating about me, do you want to tell me to my face what you've been speculating..." Gina pressed.

"I think you need to stop shouting to be honest," Joe replied.

"No, no no. Tell me then!" Gina snapped.

"You've been talking to cryptically for two f**king hours now and I'm bored of listening to it," Jank ranted back. "It's bulls**t"

"I'm not shouting, I'm not shouting..." Gina insisted. "Whatever.. I don't want to go into the next room and here people are speculating about me."

Putting on her best Nikki Grahame voice, she added: "It's not nice, it's rude."

Storming out, Gina concluded: "I've had enough of everyone in this house, I've really had enough."

The task will air in tomorrow night's highlights show from 9PM on Channel 5.