Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio set another secret task

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Big Brother is feeling lonely and decides to make one of the Housemates their VERY best friend.

Big Brother has chosen Gina to take on the secret mission and will call Gina to the diary room. Once in the diary room Big Brother will explain that watching all the housemates bond has made Big Brother feel lonely. Big Brother explains that Gina will now become Big Brother’s new best friend for the day.

Big Brother will provide Gina with an ear piece. Through this ear piece Big Brother will provide various tasks that their best friend must do around the house without anyone realising. If they are a good enough best friend, and do everything that Big Brother wants, then Big Brother will reward them at the end of the day.

At the end of the task Big Brother will decide whether their BFF has been a good enough friend. If they pass their task then they will be rewarded, but if they fail they will have to spend the evening in jail.

The best friend hits will be the following:

HIT 1 - INSULT APPEARANCE – Tell another housemate 3 ways they can improve their appearance.
HIT 2 - TELL A BIG SECRET – Tell the housemates a fake secret e.g. that Big Brother has told her there will be a twist on finale
HIT 3 - STEAL SOMETHING – Stealing all the tanning products from the house and putting them in the Hatch/Diary Room
HIT 4 - REVEAL WHO SHE WANTS TO BE EVICTED – Reveal which housemate she wants to leave on Friday.
HIT 5 - STROP AT RANDOM – Must throw a strop in the house
HIT 6 - STAY AWAY FROM YOUR MATE – To throw Sophie’s dressing gown in the Pool