Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio's not happy with Charlie Travers nominating her

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Gina Rio continued her attack against Charlie Travers in the Big Brother house last night.

With Hazel O'Sullivan out, it seems that Gina just has to have someone to bitch and whinge about, and Charlie is her next target.

Following the latest round of Big Brother nomination results, Charlie Travers, Dexter Koh, Jack and Joe and Sam Evans were all put up for the axe.

It was the last round of nominations and the second time that housemates had to nominate live and face to face.

But despite inviting Charlie to nominate her, Gina wasn't too pleased that she did.

Referring to Charlie as "that", Gina told Sophie: "With that one now, she says a lot of silly things, which is frustrating.

"I get on with [you], Dexter and Sam, more than than her, there's no way I'd nominate you [Sophie], Sam or Dexter. Simply for the fact that, she says a lot of silly things."

Gina, who previously caused a stir when 'playing the race card' earlier in the series, claimed: "I don't want to speak to her because I'm scared she may offend me."

Meanwhile, in the garden, Charlie was more than aware of Gina's bitching. "I know Gina's getting annoyed and stuff, but that's just me being inquisitive," she told Dexter.

In the living area, Gina continued: "I like her and would possibly invite her to event and parties I hold, well, that's a maybe.

"But I don't feel like I'd have her in my apartment at the Mayfair hotel. I don't feel that would be friends, me and you are very girly and we'd have more in common than anyone else. With her, what would I do with her?"

Having had enough, Charlie confronted Gina later in the evening, telling her: "I think I'm a bit nervous around you, cause I'm scared I'm going to say something that you're going to take the wrong way."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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