Big Brother 2013: Daley Ojuederie hits out at Hazel O’Sullivan after police investigation


Daley Ojuederie has hit out at Hazel O'Sullivan over their time in the Big Brother house.

Hazel was voted out of the show on Friday, some weeks after Daley was ejected from his behaviour towards the Irish model.

Discussing the incident after her exit yesterday, Hazel stood by her comments in the Diary Room about feeling threatened.

"There was a lot of drink involved," she said. “We were in the dark. I couldn’t see what was happening and I did feel threatened.

“When Big Brother stepped in ­Daley got a bit heated about being called out. The full picture hasn’t been shown."

However Daley claimed she was equally to blame.

"What annoyed me was Hazel pulled down my pants that night and nothing happened to her," he said last night. “The police asked questions about what happened but they told me there won’t be any caution or charges.”

Boxer Daley, who's now working on winning back his girlfriend Katie, insisted: "I feel nothing for Hazel. I have moved on.

“I don’t like her in that way and I certainly won’t be dating or marrying her."

He continued :"Hazel was never my type. Glamour girls are not my type. In the outside world I would never go after a girl like that.

“I’d been without sex for six weeks. I told Hazel she could only hug me for 10 seconds and then she had to let go otherwise I’d get aroused.

“I missed Katie and the physical contact and I was sensitive down there.

“But despite everything we never had sex or kissed in that house.”

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