Big Brother news: The twins think there's an actor in the house!

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As Big Brother 2013 enters its final week, the conspiracy theories are going into overdrive.

Yesterday we had Dexter blabbering on about the possibility of a secret second house underground, and today it was the twins' turn.

Speaking in the pool along with Sam, Jack speculated: "Sometime this week we're going to get a twist and we're going to be like 'oh my God'"

Sam suggested that Dan may return, or that Dexter and Gina were never really housemates.

Jack agreed: "I think one of the other housemates could be an actor, well not necessarily an actor, I think someone has been immune since Day 1.

"Possibly Dexter has been immune possibly since the moment he stepped in the house."

Joe wondered: "It will a big secret and lie, if it's the money, I think Sallie won the money in Week One, I genuinely do.

"I think we've all been plying along with something all series, and that will be the big twist, we've all been mugging ourselves off."


But once again, Charlie didn't agree with any of the talk, as she focused on next Monday's final.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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