Big Brother news: Gina Rio happy "the b***h" Hazel O’Sullivan is gone


Gina Rio takes great glee in Hazel's eviction from the Big Brother house in tonight's highlights.

After the announcement and Hazel's exit, The Twins are in the Diary Room and are disappointed at the lack of housemates who cheered Hazel off from the bottom of the stairs like they have done for previous evictees.

Joe says “When she looked back and she blew us a kiss, oh my s**t I was nearly gone.”

Jack agrees “So was I, it was like that final scene out of Titanic.”

Later, Gina is in the diary room, she tells Big Brother that she is “glad” but “shocked” to still be
in the house, despite wanting to leave on the first night.

Gina tells Big Brother: “People realise I’m not stuck up, yeah I enjoy a great lifestyle but I’m not stuck up enjoy my life, I like to have fun, that’s what life is all about, I’m just so happy especially (because) the b***h is gone."

Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5.

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