Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio claims Hazel O’Sullivan wanted to KILL her!


Gina Rio claims Hazel O’Sullivan wanted to KILL her in the Big Brother house yesterday.

In the morning, Jack tells Dexter about Gina and Hazel’s latest spat.

Joe says: “Gina was calling her a man-stealer, I think it’s all getting a little bit immature now, if I’m honest.”

Dexter responds: "There’s a maximum of another week and three days to live with each other and then they don’t have to possible see each other ever again”

Meanwhile, Hazel is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Gina.

Hazel tells BB: “She’s a scheming manipulative little weasel, I’ve just had enough of her, I’m not holding back if I’ve got something to say. She irritates the hell out of me, I wish she was gone. If it’s my time to go I’m just gonna have to face what’s out there.”

In the bedroom Gina tells Sophie and Charlie that Hazel deliberately directed the hair dryer and spritz spray toward her resulting in their argument.

Gina claims: “It’s like she wanted to kill me or fight me, then she was like ‘do you mind’ like a little rude-girl from the ‘hood. I don’t remember what I even said but she was just so nasty. It’s really hard living with someone so ghetto.”

Later, Dexter comes to the diary room for a chat. Big Brother asks him how things are between Gina and Hazel.

Dexter replies: “I think Hazel is definitely the devil, Gina’s an angel, but a naughty little angel. Charlie doesn’t know who to believe, she’s torn between the devil and the angel so to speak. I’m definitely team Gina, I’m not team Hazel. I’m just here to stay out of trouble and get less and less nominations every week.”

Big Brother airs tonight on Channel 5.

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