Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan brands Gina Rio an "absolute nightmare"

Gina and Hazel argue.

It all kicks off tonight on Big Brother 2013 as the latest shopping task continues.

Queen Bee Gina instructs Hazel to do “more buzzing.” Hazel responds by giving her the finger.

Gina tells her: “Very classy, not a nice girl at all.”

Hazel replies: “Just like you, you put the B in bitch alright!”

Later, Hazel is in the diary room confiding in Big Brother about her dislike for Gina.

Hazel tells Big Brother: "I would extinguish the bee in a second if I got the chance, there is no hiding of my dislike for Gina, I may have two days left in the house and my two days are not going to be ruined by Gina, I think she’s an absolute nightmare.”

Sam then goes to the diary room; he tells Big Brother that he enjoys watching arguments that occur in the house.

Sam says: “In here when the day gets quite boring, even brushing your teeth is like a highlight of the day so can you imagine what an argument is gonna be like.”

Big Brother asks: “What about when Gina and Hazel are arguing?”

Sam replies: “That’s funny that is, they haven’t had a full on argument but they do have a bicker here and there which is quite funny.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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