Big Brother 2013: Day 57 highlights and recap


Day 57 in the Big Brother house saw the end of this week's shopping task, before rows broke out between Hazel and Gina.

Worker bee housemates get stuck into Day 2 of their Busy Bees task.

Queen Bee Gina complains that the worker bees are not flapping their wings as instructed by Big Brother. She singles out Hazel.

In the bedroom, Queen Bee tells Sophie that she is annoyed that Charlie has not backed her up during the task. Sophie says that Charlie is “scared” of getting involved.

Hazel sits close to Gina and crushes part of her gown. Gina reminds her that “peasants” must not sit near her or housemates will fail the task. Hazel refuses to move.

Queen Bee Gina takes part in the From A to Bee task. She must guess which housemate Big Brother refers to using housemate quotes. She wins £280 towards the shopping budget.

Big Brother deducts £100 off the shopping budget as Hazel failed to wear her shock pad for part of the task during the Day 1.

Sam and Charlie are talking in the garden, he asks her about Hazel. Charlie tells him that she cannot trust someone who “turned on me.”

Sophie tells Big Brother that she feels she may be evicted this week as Dexter and Hazel have previously been saved. She would prefer if Hazel were evicted adding: “Gina would be over the f**king moon,” if Hazel went.

Sophie, Hazel, Dexter and Charlie are in the living room and realise that all of them face eviction on Friday.

Gina listens at the bedroom door. On the other side of the door Hazel rants about Gina, “Who I f**king despise,” and explains to Charlie why she was upset with her.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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