Big Brother 2013: Who will be evicted tonight?


Five housemates face eviction from the Big Brother 2013 tonight, but who will be going out?

Following the latest round of Big Brother 2013 nominations, lines are currently open for the latest eviction.

Hazel, Dexter, Sophie, Charlie and twins Jack and Joe all face the axe after the friends and family of the housemates nominated, causing some almighty rows.

The fallout from the nominations has left Hazel the bookies' favourite to leave, although that's been the case for two previous evictions now.

But this time it looks rather impossible for Hazel not to get the axe, facing the chop against some of the house's biggest eviction dodgers and more inoffensive characters.

That said, Hazel is still popular, coming fourth in latest popularity poll ahead of the combined popularity of all of Charlie, Sophie and the twins.

Unfortunately for the Irish beauty however, this year it's back to vote to evict and it means her fans count for little when she's got so many haters.

If Hazel can survive, it looks like Dexter could be next in the firing line, despite having survive some seven evictions this series.

Vote for which of the four you want to LEAVE in our poll below...

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Big Brother UK airs nightly on Channel 5, with tonight's show live from 9PM with Emma Willis.

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