Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio claims Hazel O'Sullivan is bullying HER!


Gina Rio has complained that Hazel O'Sullivan is picking on her in the Big Brother house.

Despite targeting Hazel in this week's task, and branding her a "home wrecking whore" during an almighty row between the pair, Gina reckons she's the one being bullied.

Reflecting on the argument in the bedroom with Sophie and Dexter, Gina declared: "There's no fallout as we were never friends. No one can say that we were ever friends."

And with a very straight face, she went on to claim: "I think I was very composed in that argument. I didn't stoop low or act immature... but she was extremely immature, she's just angry and her feelings for me are developing stronger and stronger."

Gina continued: "She even dreamed about me last night, it's really scary, she's obsessed.

"Stop being so obsess with me. I don't want to speak to her, she just starts all the time."

As Sophie plucked Dex's eyebrows, Gina suggested: "I think she's trying to pick one me, she's the type of girl to pick on people and bully them."

Big Brother 2013 airs nightly on Channel 5.

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