Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan loses it with Gina Rio


Hazel O'Sullivan loses it in tonight's Big Brother highlights as Gina Rio is given power over the house.

As part of the new task, Gina is Queen Bee and is allowed to demand of the other housemates what she chooses.

But Hazel isn't too happy, and stages a rebellion against the Queen.

Charlie, who is Gina's second in command for the task, says: “What is wrong with me? My caring side feels bad. I hope she feels alright. I felt bad did we pick the wrong person?”

Gina replies: Maybe we should have picked someone who would have taken it more light-hearted. If they ask us again we will just pick someone else. I didn’t expect her to go that wild.”

Charlie admits: “I miss talking to her but I don’t actually miss her.”

Meanwhile, Hazel is in the diary room moaning to Big Brother about the task.

Hazel explains: “I kind of just go through it as much as I could and I was getting irritated by the stinging as it was really high. Then I guess there was a bit of usual targeting thing which happens with every task where there was a bit of a division…I am glad we don’t all live in a Bee world and are constantly under the reign of Queen Bee.”

Later, Hazel is in bed with Joe talking about the house activities.

She says: “I am so happy that they opened the bedroom door I was literally about to go to sleep out there just so I don’t have to listen to this s**t…I am not going to f**king dance around like a f**king idiot just because she wants, oh god. I think your dignity and your morals need to come above the silly games sometimes.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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