Big Brother 2013: Queen Bee Gina works the housemates for her benefit!


Queen Bee Gin Rio has been working her fellow Big Brother housemates hard, and reaping the rewards

Yesterday housemates successfully jarred Big Brothers orders.

For the first hit housemates jarred 250 jars of honey.

Gina and Charlie picked the higher number of jars for housemates to complete and successfully singled out Hazel’s poor performances. This earned a special dinner that was cooked by other worker bees.

For the third order Gina and Charlie picked 400 jars which meant Gina was awarded a phonecall from her boyfriend.

Today, Worker Bees have been woken up and told they need to become ‘Busy Bees’. Pedometers are attached to elbow pads and headbands. All housemates must ‘Buzz Around’ as much as possible. If Big Brother thinks that their combined score is high enough, more money will be added to the shopping budget.

After a long and draining day for the worker bees, it’s The Queen Bee and Guard Bee’s chance to work hard. They will take part in a sticky assault course.

From A to Bee – The Queen Bee and Guard Bee are sat on a spinning round-a-bout whilst being given various clues about a housemate. E.g. Her most embarrassing moment was..., Gina described her as ‘a smelly bitch’ etc. When they think they have the answer, they will jump off the roundabout into the sticky hive. At the end of the hive, the right answer has to be shouted out, or money will be deducted from the final shopping budget.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of the Queen Bee task below...

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