Big Brother 2013: Day 56 highlights and recap


Day 56 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the remaining housemates given their latest shopping task.

Housemates wake up to the track ‘Flight of the Bumblebees’ for the start of the shopping task Busy Bees Day 1.

Gina is summoned to the diary room to become Queen Bee. Gina chooses Charlie to be her Guard Bee for the shopping task.

Housemates (Worker Bees) have to hit all the target number of honey jars set by Big Brother and the Queen Bee to pass this week’s task.

Guard Bee is ordered by the Queen Bee throughout the day to ‘sting’ the Worker Bees to make them work harder.

Queen Bee orders Sophie to do her make-up and nails, in order to do this her workload must be taken over by another Worker Bee.

Queen Bee orders Guard Bee to tell the Worker Bees to work much harder; she wants blood, sweat and tears.

Queen Bee and Guard Bee are given a choice by Big Brother about the activity of the Worker Bees. They choose for them to make 400 jars which would give Gina a phone call from home.

Queen Bee and Guard Bee are told by Big Brother that if they get the Worker Bees an extra 350 jars of honey this will earn them a champagne meal for two in the tree house.

Hazel is getting increasingly more annoyed throughout the day with the ‘stinging’ and feels she is being singled out.

Guard Bee is ordered to tell Hazel to stop swearing and cussing which makes her do it more.

Hazel has not been wearing her buzzer or her wings. She told the Queen Bee that Big Brother told her it was ok as it was hurting so much. After consulting Big Brother and finding out this was not the case, Queen Bee and Guard Bee tell her to put them both back on and ‘bee’ more of a team player.

Queen Bee is infuriated and insulted by Hazel calling her and Guard Bee a c**t. She has never been spoken to in such a way before.

Queen Bee and Guard Bee get a nice meal of chicken, salad, potatoes and champagne to be cooked by a Worker Bee (Sophie) of their choice and eaten in the tree house.

The Worker Bees successfully completed 400 jars of honey and as a reward Gina is given a phone call from her boyfriend who tells her to stay away from Hazel!

Queen Bee orders Hazel and the Twins to dance for her entertainment. Hazel is feeling ill and does not put much enthusiasm into it. Dexter is ordered to do impressions of the rest of the house.

Gina is in the bedroom preparing for sleep. Hazel is ‘asleep’ in her bed. Dexter says that he will miss the housemates when he leaves, Gina says he can hang out with her and her boyfriend and Charlie will be there too. Gina states that she trusts her instincts on Charlie because they are excellent and looks in Hazel’s direction when she says ‘stay the f**k away’.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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