Big Brother 2013: Day 55 highlights and recap


Day 55 in the Big Brother house saw the aftermath and Charlie and Hazel's row.

Charlie tells Sophie she has had a good conversation with Dexter and now needs to toughen up, things are clearer in her head.

Hazel is turning the wheel for Joe’s shower. Joe is talking about the friends and family nominations and the comments made by Charlie’s friend. He says he cannot change in the last two weeks just because of one person’s comments. He is still in the house and so the public must like him.

Joe is in the shower and Hazel says that Sophie’s (Charlie’s friend) comments last night have screwed Charlie.

Hazel tells Dexter that she thinks Charlie is playing a game and she doesn’t trust her, however realistically it will not affect her life on the outside.

Sam tells Gina that he trusts Charlie and she doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. He is not going to allow Hazel to twist things against her. Gina is confused but will not let Charlie feel isolated.

Sophie and Gina are in the bedroom talking about Charlie and Hazel. Sophie said it is for them to decide who to believe. Gina doesn’t care.

Jack and Joe are in the pool. Charlie is apologising for the comments made by her friend Sophie and her side of the story. Hazel butts into the conversation saying that things should not be dragged out, there are 13 days left and after that you don’t have to see people you don’t like.

The housemate commentary takes place and the house are listening in to Jack and Hazel’s sometimes b***hy narration of their fake activities.

Gina apologises to Charlie for not trusting her and says that she will trust her instincts from now on instead of listening to other’s opinions.

Dexter is in the diary room talking about his loyalty to Charlie. He feels Hazel is manipulative and narcissistic and people are starting to realise this.

Housemates are letting off steam with music and alcohol, their reward for passing the task earlier that day. Dancing partners Charlie and Gina seem to be getting on well.

Hazel is on the sofas with Sam, giving him dating advice.

Charlie is in the diary room telling Big Brother that she feels screwed over, she didn’t want to believe other people about Hazel’s behaviour but now things are different and she feels better knowing the truth.

Hazel is talking to Gina, Charlie, Sophie and Dexter on the smoking bench, Hazel is saying that loyalty doesn’t matter in the house, it doesn’t matter if you have been b***hing or if you don’t like people now because they are on the last 13 days. It’s up to the public to decide who they like.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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