Big Brother 2013 housemates pass 'commentary' task


The Big Brother housemates tucked into a curry last night after passing their latest task.

Jack and Hazel were called to the diary room and told that they would be providing a secret sports style commentary for the action going on in the rest of the house.

Jack and Hazel were then sent to the small task room where they were able to watch a live feed of the house. They were given lip mics to provide commentary over everything they see.

However, what Jack and Hazel weren't made aware of was that their commentary was playing directly into the house for all of the other housemates to hear.

Furthermore, the other housemates were all in on Jack and Hazel’s secret task and told they must not give away the fact they can hear the commentary.

Housemates were also given certain scenarios to play out in the house to spice things up for the commentators.

Even though Hazel and Jack were onto the group and their bizarre chats - which included Sam and Sophie hugging for three long minutes - Big Brother still felt the group had passed.

As a reward, they were supplied with tunes, booze and a curry to enjoy, much to the relief of twins Jack and Joe.

The task will air in tonight's highlights show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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