Big Brother 2013: Charlie feeling "f**king ostracised" by Hazel and Gina


The fall out from last night's friends and family nominations sparks all manor of arguments in the Big Brother house this evening.

In tonight's show, Gina, Hazel, Sophie and the Twins are in the garden talking about a past conversation with Charlie over Hazel’s behaviour.

Hazel tells Gina: “She said you shouldn’t open up just because they want you to open up. Dexter told you that the public want you to open up. I said ‘Charlie that is really unfair.’”

Gina replies “She said to you do not open up? The thing is I am really annoyed now. I have trusted the wrong person…She said Hazel has been opening up now and stuff like that and that is why the public like her. So for her to tell you do not open and do not get emotional, she doesn’t want the public to like you.”

Later, Charlie is on the sofa and an argument explodes between Gina, Hazel and herself.

Charlie snaps: “I am feeling f**king ostracised, awkward. I don’t want to be here. I just feel like I want to leave. I want examples. I feel really low because I know I am a good person…I may have panic in my head about Hazel and spoke to you girls about it.”

Hazel asks: “What is the panic about me? Did you bring them to me before you went to everybody else about them?”

Charlie replies: “I only spoke to Gina and Sophie about them…but Hazel you went and spoke to Soph about me about the disappointed thing and then we went and found each other afterwards. I love you to pieces.”

Hazel continues: “No, but have you been saying that you think I am game player that I am trying to win a public vote? If she (Gina) has something to say she just says it, instead of my best friend going to people, who at the time I didn’t get on with.”

Charlie insists:“I didn’t know how I felt about you. I did start to question you a lot.”

Hazel tells her: “You didn’t tell me you didn’t trust me…Charlie talk about it instead of walking away.”

Gina chimes in: “She is walking away because she knows it’s true, it’s all on camera.”

The argument continues and the Twins join in.

Charlie sobs: “I am not blunt enough. I am cowardly. I get nervous and don’t always have the balls to say things to your face. I hate the idea of people not liking me. I hate not being talked about. I hate the idea of people being upset with me. I hate the fact of not being loved ok because that is all I flipping want. If I go about things the wrong way and don’t have the balls to say it that is because that is the way I am. ”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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