Big Brother 2013: Charlie doesn't want to talk to Hazel again!


The morning after the rows the night before and Hazel O'Sullivan and Charlie Travers are no longer talking in the BBUK house.

Following the latest round of Big Brother 2013 nomination results, Hazel, Charlie, Dexter, Jack and Joe and Sophie are all up for eviction.

Last night we saw Dexter Koh’s mum Ellen, Charlie Travers’ best pal Sophie, Gina Rio’s boyfriend Edwin, Hazel O’Sullivan’s mum Audrey, Jack and Joe Glenny’s mum Kathleen, Sam Evans’ mum Heather and Sophie Lawrence’s nan Iris all nominating.

It caused a number of arguments with Charlie and Hazel in particular clashing after Charlie's pal nominated Hazel.

This morning, Hazel told new best pal Gina: "I said hi to her in the bathroom this morning and she completely blanked me.

"We haven't done anything to her. I don't feel bad, I think she should feel bad. She's being the victim but she created it all."

Gina agreed: "We're just trying to question her motives and what she's trying to do, between us, which was rthe most shocking. We got played. For my boyfriend to say he doesn't like... if he says she's a game player, she's a game player, trust me."

Meanwhile, Charlie was in the garden telling Dexter: "I know exactly who I've been here, who I've been a friend to, there's so many things... I think like everything... is so beyond repair, it's like, do you even bother?"

She added: " It's crushed me, I feel absolutely s**t now. There's so many things I'm annoyed about. I never want to speak to Hazel every again, I feel so strongly about it"

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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