Big Brother 2013: Hazel and Gina make Charlie cry in nominations row


Hazel O'Sullivan and Gina Rio teamed up against Charlie Travers in the Big Brother house last night.

Following the latest round of Big Brother 2013 nomination results, Hazel, Charlie, Dexter, Jack and Joe and Sophie are all up for eviction.

Last night we saw Dexter Koh’s mum Ellen, Charlie Travers’ best pal Sophie, Gina Rio’s boyfriend Edwin, Hazel O’Sullivan’s mum Audrey, Jack and Joe Glenny’s mum Kathleen, Sam Evans’ mum Heather and Sophie Lawrence’s nan Iris all nominating.

In the fallout, Hazel declared: "I'm f**ked off. A few things have come to light that I'm not really impressed with."

Charlie told her: "I feel really low because I know I'm a good person , I'm a good person, I may say the wrong things, but I come over and explain things, I may have panic in my head over you [Hazel], the questions I have in my head..."

Hazel snapped: "What panic over me? What questions did you have about me? Did you bring them to me before you went to everyone else about them?"

She continued: "You've been going around talking to other girls in the house about me being a game player, that you don't trust me, that I'm opening up because I'm up for the public vote."

"This is so twisted!" insisted Charlie, but she didn't count on Gina surprisingly siding with Hazel.

"It's not twisted," she said, "You told me you don't trust her [Hazel]."

"Do you understand how this looks for me?" Hazel went on. "To think that my best friend in the house is the one saying she doesn't trust me. It's about trust Charlie."

Charlie tried to explain: "I'm not good at saying it straight up, I get nervous and I want people to like me. I hate the thought of not being loved as that's all I flipping want.

"If I go about things the wrong way and I don't have the balls to say it, that's the way I am and I've never felt so lost."

With Charlie in tears and leaving the room, a vexed Hazel was left to cool off in the garden.

In the living area, Gina told the twins: "She's [Charlie] manipulative and she's smart. I don't like to see anyone cry, but then I had to bring myself back, if you don't talk about someone behind their back you won't be in this mess."

Later, Gina and Hazel hugged it out as Charlie sobbed alone in the bedroom.

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Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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