Big Brother 2013: Angry Hazel O'Sullivan blasts 'f**king bitch' that is Charlie's pal!


An angry Hazel O'Sullivan has blasted the 'f**king bitch' that is Charlie's pal after friends and family nominations.

Following the latest round of Big Brother 2013 nomination results, lines are now open for the latest eviction.

It was another nominations twist this week, as none of the housemates nominated. Instead, each of the group had a friend or family member vote on their behalf.

We saw Dexter Koh’s mum Ellen, Charlie Travers’ best pal Sophie, Gina Rio’s boyfriend Edwin, Hazel O’Sullivan’s mum Audrey, Jack and Joe Glenny’s mum Kathleen, Sam Evans’ mum Heather and Sophie Lawrence’s nan Iris all nominating.

The reasons caused a stir in the house, with Charlie's friend's nomination of Hazel over the 'Daley situation' seeing Hazel left seething.

"Your friend was f**king blunt as a ****" Hazel spat. "Not impressed, not f**king impressed. Nasty, we're best friends in the house. The Daley thing is irrelevant to Charlie, everyone else has personal reasons, I wouldn't mind if she said something like I'd been a bitch to you [Charlie], but she's come and laid me out with s**t that isn't relevant.

"It's making me look like a f**king knob. How many weeks is that going back?"

As Charlie left the room, Hazel snapped: "That f**king bitch of hers..."

Charlie herself was left worried after she was nominated by Gina's boyfriend for being "sly".

She speculated: "Either I'm more manipulative and sly than I thought or they're showing things and not showing me saying sorry, or the misunderstanding or maybe he's [Gina's boyfriend] pissed off."

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