Big Brother 2013: Day 54 highlights and recap


Day 54 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw a double secret mission, as nominations were revealed.

There is only one thing on all housemates’ minds when they wake up and that is nominations.

Hazel is telling Sophie in the kitchen that she is agitated today with everything. It’s just one of those days, she wants everyone to f**k off.

Housemates are gathered on the sofa for nominations. They are told that tonight they will not be nominating. Friends and family will be doing it on their behalf.

Gina is shocked by her boyfriend’s nomination of Charlie. She doesn’t know why he would do that as she likes Charlie. He must have a reason though.

Hazel is fuming in the kitchen about Charlie’s friend Sophie and her comments on the nominations tape. She cannot wait to meet her on the outside world.

All the housemates are outside in the garden b**ching about Charlie and dissecting what their friends and family have said. Charlie is in the diary room.

Charlie is alone is the bedroom redoing her make up after being in the diary room. Dexter comes in to comfort her and talk through people’s comments.

Gina tells Charlie that she would like to sit down and talk to her about the video comments once she has got herself together.

On the outside bench Sophie is about to tell Charlie what Gina and Hazel have been discussing when Gina comes and sits with them.

Gina, Charlie, Dexter and Sophie are on the outside bench still talking about Charlie’s behaviour. Charlie is adamant that she has not been two faced or sly. Dexter says that if she has said anything about him then there friendship is over and he will not talk to her again. Gina brings up the campaign task and that Hazel had said Charlie wanted to put Dexter on the campaign instead of Callum.

The Twins are in the diary room talking about the nominations. They understand why Dexter’s mum said what she said but they feel Charlie’s friend was too blunt and incredibly rude. She has been crossed off the Christmas card list.

Dexter is questioning Hazel about the campaign task, and what Charlie said about him. Hazel says that she would have no reason to lie and that Charlie was trying to sway her opinion towards Dexter instead of Callum to campaign against.

Gina is in the diary room talking about her boyfriend’s nomination of Charlie. Gina believes that Charlie is sly like Callum and that is why they got on so well.

Charlie is upset and is in bed. Joe comes to comfort her. Charlie is gobsmacked about what has happened since the nominations and wants to now get on with things. She knows she is a good person and needs to remain true to herself.

All the housemates are asleep. Charlie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother. She feels misunderstood and feels her relationship with Hazel is beyond repair. Her whole world has been turned upside down.

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