Big Brother 2013: Sam Evans, Sophie Lawrence row over Gina Rio 'flirting' comments


Sam Evans and Sophie Lawrence have an almighty row in tonight's Big Brother Uk highlighs.

In the kitchen Sam talks to Sophie about comments she made while they were in the safe house about Sam fancying Gina. Gina is also in the kitchen.

Gina asks “Did you say that we were flirting?”

Sophie clarifies: “No I didn’t say that…I didn’t say that she was flirting with you. I was saying about how you are together.”

But Sam claims: “You did say I think you and Gina like each other.”

Sophie snaps: “So what is wrong with that?...So now you are making me out to be the bad one?...I don’t understand what your problem is with me Sam…you are picking little things out now that are making me look bad when I have done f**k all!”

Later in the Diary Room, Sam tells Big Brother: “I’m a little bit disappointed with Sophie…When we were in the safe house…she started saying you and Gina really flirt, I think she is trying to stir things up with Gina."

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of this evening's BB highlights below...

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