Big Brother 2013: Sophie Lawrence fails her secret mission


Big Brother today set Sophie a secret mission to get each of her fellow housemates to do something for her.

If she fulfilled the majority of her missions, she was told that she would win a prize.

However, what Sophie didn't realise, is that the rest of the housemates were set a task of their own – to scupper her secret mission.

They had to make sure she fails each and every one of her missions, no matter how hard she tried.

If they successfully ensured that Sophie failed all of her missions, they would win a prize for all the housemates, including Sophie.

Sophie’s missions:

* She needs to get Dexter to say thank you.
* She must secure a high five from Hazel.
* She needs to play a game of catch with Sam.
* She needs to get so upset that Charlie asks her what’s wrong.
* She must make Gina give you a make over.
* She needs to chatter so much that Jack and Joe will tell her to shut up.

The results:

* Dexter successfully refused to say thank you.
* Hazel didn’t high five her.
* Sam refused her offer to play catch.
* Charlie didn’t ask her what was wrong (even when Sophie was crying).
* Jack and Joe wouldn’t tell her to shut up.
* However, Gina helped do Sophie’s hair.

As Housemates failed to scupper all of Sophie’s secret missions, they failed the task and have therefore won nothing.

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