Big Brother 2013: Day 53 highlights and recap


Day 53 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the group get some fan mail, but all was not as it seemed...

Hazel is in the toilet with Joe. She relays what Dexter told Sophie, that he would choose Hazel or the Twins if his magic task called for a housemate to be evicted.

Sophie is in the diary room talking to Big Brother about Sam. She is frustrated about his behaviour towards her.

Sam confronts Dexter in the tree house about comments he made when Sam was in the secret room on Saturday. Dexter tries to explain.

Gina is set a task to write fake fan mail to her housemates. She decides not to write one for Hazel. The housemates read out their respective letters and are touched by the public’s (Gina) comments.

Dexter is in the diary room thanking his supposed fan Mary-Anne for her letter. He says that he is touched by what she wrote and that someone feels that way about him on the outside.

Joe gives Hazel his own verbal fan mail as she did not receive a letter.

After stuffing her face with Japanese food and a glass of champagne in the diary room, Gina struggles to walk down the stairs. Once in the kitchen she confesses to penning the fake letters. Most of the housemates find it funny.

Hazel and Sam are in the bedroom with Charlie talking about the contraceptive pill. Hazel explains to Sam that she takes it to keep her hormones level and not just when she is sexually active. Sam believed that women only took the pill when they are sexually active and didn’t know it could affect moods.

The Twins are in the diary room and tell Big Brother that they didn’t mind being “mugged off” with the fan letters and thought it was sweet of Gina to write it. They find it hilarious that Dexter took his letter so seriously.

Dexter, Sophie, Gina and Charlie are on the smoking bench discussing who they think will be up for eviction this week.

In the 4th part of tonight’s show we go LIVE to the house. Housemates will view nominations from friends and family on their behalf and will find out which of them will face eviction on Friday.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of this evening's BB highlights below...

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