Big Brother 2013: Day 52 highlights and recap


Day 52 in the Big Brother UK house saw a special task for one housemate.

Housemates wake up the morning after the sixth eviction; Callum became the latest housemate to leave

Charlie and Gina question Hazel’s survival techniques. Gina thinks Hazel may have ‘opened up’ more in order to stay in the house. Charlie says Hazel has been ‘very intelligent’ with her strategy.

Gina and Sophie are in the bedroom discussing Charlie’s relationship with Hazel. Charlie walks in briefly and the conversation ends. They both agree that Charlie could “sense” they were discussing her.

In the garden Hazel tells Sophie that she can’t “keep up” with Charlie adding: “She’s been really weird that last day or two.”

Sophie and Charlie are having a quiet chat in the living area. Sophie advises her to speak to Hazel about how she feels and be mindful of “the way you word it.”

Charlie and Dexter stroll around the garden. Hazel congratulates Dexter on “eliminating the enemy.”

Dexter takes part in the Dexter the Great task and hosts a night of “magic and mystery” for his fellow housemates.

During the task, Big Brother instructs Dexter the Great to quote some of the comments that housemates have made about each other.

Big Brother asks Dexter the Great which housemate he would like to disappear. He chooses Sam.

Sam magically disappears; housemates discuss whether he has been evicted and are unaware that Sam is now in a secret room watching their every move.

In the garden, Dexter tells Gina that he may have chosen differently if he knew Sam would leave, but thinks it may still be the best one as Sam now “has no mates” and is “a little bit cringey at times.”

Housemates receive a surprise when Sam reappears in the store room.

Sam confronts Dexter and Sophie about comments they made about him during his time in the secret room.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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