Big Brother 2013 FIGHT! Sam Evans and Sophie Lawrence have an almighty row!


Sophie Lawrence turned the air blue in the Big Brother 2013 house this afternoon after she lost it with Sam Evans.

Sam and Sophie's relationship in the house is a rather peculiar one, with the pair having exchanged nominations for one another since the early weeks.

Even after the duo spend a week in the safe house, they still didn't see eye to eye, although only recently has the tension between the eviction dodgers come to a head.

This afternoon Sophie lost it after being told by Gina that Sam was bitching about her in the bedroom over comments Sophie had made in the safe house with him.

She ranted to Charlie and Hazel in the garden: "Sam needs to get off the f**king fence and stop talking about me to people.

"Why can't he just f**king tell me to my face? He needs to be a man, if he's got a problem about me, f**king tell me, stop talking about me to Gina... Why can't he just come out to me instead of being a f**k about me, going behind my back. He really winds me up."

A few moments later, Sophie confronted Sam: "I don't know why you're making everything an issue, I don't understand what your problem is with me."

"I don't have a problem with you," Sam insisted, as Sophie continued to rant.

She spat: "You've got a problem with me. I don't have a problem with you, I like you but it's winding me up, it's getting to me. You're picking out things to make me look bad. you've got an issue with me Sam."

"I have not," Sam repeated.

"You're trying to make something out of it Sam," Sophie went on, "You're trying to make an issue, I don't have a f**king problem with you, I don't talk about you... I don't want to talk about you!

"It's winding me up, and now you're bringing Gina into it. I don't know whether you want an argument with me but if you want an argument, I'll have an argument.

"It's pathetic, don't even talk to me anymore because it's winding me up. It's like you're trying to get a sympathy vote, why are you bringing Gina into it? Is it to make me look bad? It's pathetic Sam, you're meant to be man. It's pathetic, it's pathetic."

As Sophie walked off, she sniped "F**king idiot."

"Whatever, whatever," Sam hit back.

Tomorrow night's show is sure to be a blast!

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