Big Brother news: Callum Knell hits out at "bully" Dexter Koh


Evicted BBUK housemate Callum Knell has hit out at Dexter Koh for 'bullying' him in the house.

Friday night saw Callum become the latest housemate to leave in the Big Brother 2013 results, booted out ahead of Hazel O'Sullivan, Dexter Koh and twins Jack and Joe.

Callum confessed he was gutted to be out, but even moreso to have left before rival Dexter.

Speaking about his relationship with Dex in the house today, Callum said: "I know bully is a strong word but I felt belittled and judged. Dexter had an assumption and tone that was condescending about me as a person and the different backgrounds we had.

“He kept making snide remarks and giving me snide looks, trying to get under my skin."

He added: "“He made me feel a bit less about myself. I lost my confidence and felt like I was backed into a corner."

In an interview with the Daily Star, football trainer Callum accused Dexter of continuing to play a big game even after his exit last week.

"He is currently working. He’s not relaxing and enjoying the house. He is enjoying playing a game and he’s in it to win it," Callum claimed. “He was intelligent enough and had the ability to reflect a certain persona for seven weeks. He thinks viewers will find it endearing. I still haven’t seen the real Dexter.

“Even his affection for Charlie was initially contrived. At first he was attracted to Hazel. But when she got close to Daley he went for number two on his list, who happened to be Charlie.”

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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