Big Brother 2013: Sam Evans confronts Dexter Koh and Sophie Lawrence after safe house stint

Sam Evans (Big Brother 2013)

Sam Evans spoke up in the Big Brother 2013 house last night after watching some stirring by the other housemates.

Yesterday evening as part of a task, Dexter made Sam disappear in a magic trick.

In fact, Sam spent the night sitting in a secret room spying on the housemates, who had been told he wa really gone and were even made to pack his bags.

When Sam returned he wasn't entirely happy with what he'd seen and quickly confronted both Dexter and Sophie.

"You said I said to you when Callum got evicted, 'Don't come talk to me', I did not say that," Sam told Dexter. "I said 'Dexter, don't feel the need to come and talk to me just because my best mate has gone'.

"The way you have to understand..." began Dexter as he tried to explain.

"But did I say them words?" snapped Sam.

Dexter admitted: "It's a slight difference of words, but I wanted to come and talk to obviously wasn't the same words, but I can't remember exactly what you said. I wanted to come and talk to you, because I wanted to talk to you, not because Callum had gone. You're misunderstanding what I'm saying."

Sam also had a bone to pick with Sophie, later telling her: "You said I said that we do not connect at all, I did not say at all, I promise you."

But Sophie didn't back down: "You did, hand on my heart, on my mother's life, you said to me, we do not connect at all, that's how you said it."

Sophie continued: "I said to Charlie, I'm disappointed as before we were in the safe house together, joking and laughing, and I said I don't think we're similar, bu you said we are. I thought you were getting on.

"I think it's you and your problem and this is what I said in the Diary Room, I have no problem with you at all, I personally think it's your problem and you should be a man and just tell me."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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