Big Brother 2013 housemates think Sam Evans has been evicted


The Big Brother 2013 housemates have been told that Sam Evans has been evicted from the house.

Last night, as part of a task, Dexter made Sam disappear in a magic trick.

In fact, he's been sitting in a secret room spying on the housemates, who have been told he's really gone.

"Do you really think hes gone?" Hazel asked Dexter, who had chosen Sam for the trick.

"They asked me upstairs in the Diary Room what do you most miss about Sam?" he revealed, before explaining his choice: "I thought if it is an eviction, it's no big loss to me, we're not close, but if it's good, he deserves it because Callum's gone and he's a bit down.

"If he has gone and everyone hates me because I evicted him then fair enough. I'm not going to regret my decision, it is what it is."

After speaking to Big Brother herself, Gina told the group: "They said he has gone... I believed it. She was convincing and I always go with my gut and this is my gut, this is my gut. I really, really do think he's gone, I really, really do."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of Dexter's magician task below...

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