Big Brother 2013: Sam Evans enters the safe house and spies on the housemates!


Sam Evan has become the new safe house housemate in Big Brother 2013.

It all started yesterday afternoon when posters appeared on the walls of the house advertising Dexter's Night of Magic and Mystery.

The task saw Dexter put on a magic show for the housemates, with a little help from Big Brother.

Because Dexter had stated on his application form he was once a magician, Big Brother felt it would be nice for him to get the chance to show off his special powers with three impressive illusions.

For Dexter's first trick, he attempted to transform housemates belongings into something nice or something nasty. Gina's shoe became Ferrero Rocher, but Sam's flip flop was turned into coal.

For Dexter's second magic trick, he had to rekindle his art of reading minds. However, digging deeper into some of the housemates minds, might make things a little awkward later, as Big Brother fed him quotes from the other housemates from the Diary Room via an ear piece.

But it was Dexter's final trick that was the most impressive as he made one housemate disappear.

Sam vanished in front of the other housemates, only to turn up in the safe house, unbeknownst to the group.

And we're not entirely sure Dexter knows either!

Sam is currently sitting alone in the once again secret room, which has been fitted back with its TV screens and headphones to spy on the rest of the house and housemates.

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