Big Brother 2013: Hazel O’Sullivan has 'showdown' with Charlie Travers


After a tense morning, Big Brother housemates Hazel O’Sullivan and Charlie Travers spent this afternoon sorting their issues out.

Last night things between the pair got a little rocky after Callum's eviction, with Charlie admitting to finding Hazel's apparent change in persona two faced.

She claimed, with a bit of stirring form Dexter, that Hazel had started to cry more in a bid to get viewers on her side.

Hazel however got wind of Charlie's remarks and confronted her in the tree house.

" I've started to pick up on things that aren't there and I'm reading things that aren't there..." Charlie tried to defend herself.

Hazel explained; "If I was going to open up in a pretend way, I'd run around crying, getting upset over every second thing.

"I was kind of disappointed when you kinda went 'You can't be emotional now they want it, you can't start being this way' I was really hurt. You know me in this house and having a week of having that pressure I felt and put on that snake suit, nobody will know what that will feel like, to get woken up in the morning, told the public like you and get gunged."

Charlie apologised and admitted: "I understand the week behind it fueled it more than I realise. I do realise now that you were at the brink and it was just that timing. It was unfortunate."

Hazel concluded: "I am a woman, I am emotional, I juts feel really hard done by that if I show emotion it's playing a game."

Big Brother 2013 highlights air tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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