Big Brother 2013: Day 51 highlights and recap


Day 51 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the sixth eviction of the series.

Tonight, Callum, Dexter, Hazel or Jack and Joe will be the sixth housemate to be evicted.

Joe tells Dexter that he thinks it’s between him and Callum tonight and they both agree that Hazel has turned a corner this week as she has been more honest.

In the garden, there’s awkwardness between Hazel and Gina.

Big Brother calls Jack and Joe to the diary room for today’s task. Big Brother wants them both to become someone else’s twin; Jack to become Dexter’s twin and Joe to become Gina’s twin. The twins are then given an identical twin makeover.

They must try to be identical to their new twins as possible and learn their mannerisms. The twins must accomplish a master class on how to become Gina and Dexter, spend some quality time with their new twins and have deep twin heart-to-hearts where they can discuss nominations.

Jack and Joe, with their new identities, set to work to learn how to become Gina and Dexter.

Dexter teaches Jack to ‘mince’, and Gina shows Joe how to ‘shake the hips’.

Gina shares her favourite past time with Joe: make up, and sets about giving him a make over.

Dexter tries to teach Jack ‘how to seduce Charlie’ by setting him up on a ‘date’ with her in the garden. Jack reveals his opening line would be ‘Hi mate I’m Jack’.

Joe and Gina are having heart-to-heart about nominations. Joe reveals he wasn’t surprised that Callum and Dexter are facing eviction, and had a feeling Gina wouldn’t be up. Gina reveals she was shocked to learn she wasn’t up for eviction and thinks either Hazel or Callum will be evicted. She also says that she feels guilty for nominating the twins.

Jack revels to Dexter he will nominate Charlie if he’s in the house for another week. Dexter believes the twins will be safe tonight and he will nominate Sam next week.

For successfully completing today’s task, Jack and Joe are rewarded with ice cream in the diary room.

Dexter observes Callum and Charlie ‘love a deep chat’.

Gina tells Big Brother that she feels she should be packing tonight and will still feel nervous as she will be nervous for Dexter and Callum. If Hazel leaves she will be happy.

Housemates are preparing for tonight’s eviction.

Emma Willis reveals live to the house that Callum is the housemate with the most votes and the sixth housemate to be evicted. Sam is visibly shocked, and Callum says his goodbyes. Charlie tells Big Brother that she feels sad for Callum as he’s a nice guy.

Hazel reveals she is shocked and grateful that she has been saved. Charlie tells Hazel she is not hated as much as she thought she was. Hazel explains she ‘stopped caring last week’.

Dexter tells Gina that he was planning his leaving speech and it is hard to see anyone leave the housemate.

Sophie explains to Gina that it is clear that more people like her over Hazel. Gina isn’t so sure.

Sam reveals to Big Brother that he is gutted and Callum should have stayed.

Hazel tells Charlie that she is ‘not going to lick Gina’s a*se as she is the favourite to win’; she thinks Gina is very pretentious, and disagrees with that mentality.

Gina explains to Jack and Joe that she thought Hazel was going to go, and she was shocked that she heard the audience say ‘get Gina out’. Dexter says to Gina it’s ‘not like we are not used to haters.’

Sam puts himself forward to ride the bedroom bike now that Callum has left.

Hazel is comforting Sam in the garden as she lost Dan her best friend last week; she advises him to now concentrate and enjoy his time in the house.

Charlie reveals that she won’t miss Callum as she found him frustrating. Sam is confused by this.

Joe tells Dexter that he deserves to stay.

Sophie says to Gina that there must be a reason why the public like Hazel.

In the bedroom, Charlie comforts Sam and advises him to try and trust other people in the house.

Big Brother 2013 highlights air tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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