Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan reckons Gina Rio has been put off by 'boos'


Big Brother's Hazel O'Sullivan has claimed that Gina Rio's been spooked after being booed in last night's live show.

Yesterday evening saw Callum Knell become the latest housemate to leave in the Big Brother 2013 results, booted out ahead of Hazel O'Sullivan, Dexter Koh and twins Jack and Joe.

And according to Hazel, there were boos for favourite Gina as well as herself.

"Gina's very off today, is she a bit put out by last night, she didn't expect the booing did she?" Hazel speculated this morning. "No, that's the worst thing about believing the hype, if you believe the hype then two weeks before, boom! She's probably... I wouldn't blame her, if you've been hearing cheers every week."

Meanwhile, Gina insisted she wasn't unhappy by Hazel staying, claiming she wanted Callum to go.

"If you had asked me days ago I'd have said he [Callum] didn't deserve to go but because he was unloyal, I said in the Diary Room I don't care if he goes or not," she said.

And bitching about Hazel to Charlie, Gina claimed that the Irish model had changed her game plan to stay in the house.

She said: "She's obviously opened up because she doesn't want to go."

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