Big Brother 2013: Gina Rio has hospital check up over her 'injured boobs'


Big Brother's Gina Rio was taken out of the house for a check up at hospital this week, it's been revealed.

Gina complained to Big Brother that Hazel O'Sullivan had injured her chest during the week's task, although it took two days for her to speak up.

She told Hazel on last night's show: “You really hurt me. I thought ‘This is f***ing aggressive’. I felt you took this too far.”

Hazel defended herself: “I would never set out to hurt anybody. It was a physical thing to get them to the ground and stick there. If we are given a task in here we have to do it. If you don’t take part…I didn’t want the whole group to fail because we didn’t do anything.”

As Gina left to go to hospital, Hazel ranted in the Diary Room: “She’s just a bloody pain in the a**e you know. Everything has to be dredged up."

She added: "I don’t really care anymore to tip toe around people and not say something in case there is an argument. I think a lot of people in this house are kinda like sheep and have seen she is popular on the outside and therefore don’t want to go against on the inside. Whereas I don’t give a s**t.”

Unsurprisingly, doctors gave Gina the all clear.

Meanwhile, Dexter and Hazel yesterday warned Callum to expect a lawsuit after he left the show, following an 'incident' during the spray tan task last month.

Hazel told him after he tried to kiss one of the girls: “You should never do that! She was having none of it.”

And Dexter added: “I’d be expecting a lawsuit when you get out of here."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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