Big Brother 2013: Day 50 highlights and recap


Day 50 in the Big Brother house saw the war of words between Dexter and Callum continue.

Charlie and Hazel are sunbathing in the garden. Hazel says that she is sick of everyone and has had enough. In the outside world she cuts people out of her life that she doesn’t like.

In the bedroom, Gina tells Sophie that she doesn’t like Hazel and never has. Gina believes that Hazel is jealous of her lifestyle.

Housemates are having fun in the sun; Big Brother has allowed them all to use the pool for the day.

The Campaign task preparations are under way. Presentation boards are being made for the housemates facing eviction and sound bites are being tested.

Nominated housemates present their “save me” speeches to the rest of the house then present their smear campaign against another nominated housemate.

Housemates are in the bedroom commenting on Callum and Charlie’s PCDC (Private Chat Deep Chat) outside and analysing the body language.

Sam, Hazel, and the Twins are on the smoking bench in the garden. Hazel is cosying up to Sam and he comments on his great view of her boobs.

In the diary room Charlie tells Big Brother that she feels it would be better for the house if Callum was evicted on Friday. She claims it is awkward between them since he found out she nominated him.

Gina is not looking forward to potentially being in the house without Dexter or Callum. She would like Hazel to go. Gina thinks her and Dexter should be proud of making it 7 weeks in the house.

Gina and Sophie are getting ready for bed, Gina comments that Hazel has gone outside for a “b***h and a smoke.”

After their PCDC earlier in the day, Charlie and Callum are again talking in the garden. Charlie wants to know if Callum’s feelings for her are genuine. Callum says that he can’t stay away from her and tell her how he feels.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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