Big Brother 2013: Hazel O'Sullivan loses it over "pain in the a**e" Gina Rio


Hazel O’Sullivan loses in tonight's Big Brother 2013 after Gina Rio starts another attack on her.

Gina complains to Hazel in the bedroom that she was too aggressive in the task and tells her that she thought it would be “light hearted.”

Hazel says that it wasn’t her intention, but Gina complains: “My boobs were aching throughout the whole day. I was like ‘what is wrong with this girl’.”

“I did want to win. But I would never plan to hurt you," Hazel admitted. “I would never set out to hurt anybody. It was a physical thing to get them to the ground and stick there. If we are given a task in here we have to do it. If you don’t take part…I didn’t want the whole group to fail because we didn’t do anything.”

In the garden Hazel complains to Dexter and Charlie about Gina’s whinging.

Hazel rants: “I have f**king had it up to here with people’s little f**king emotions. Didn’t write the f**king rules, didn’t command the task, f**k off! Seriously…Gina’s in there getting on her high horse about the task. Are you for real? Of course I wanted to f**king win. Give me a break.”

Later, Hazel is in the diary room talking about Gina.

Hazel tells Big Brother: “She’s just a bloody pain in the a**e you know. Everything has to be dredged up. Everything is designer and, ‘I have to pay this much to stay here and I have to wear designer’ etc blah blah blah.’ Gina shut the hell up!

"I don’t really care anymore to tip toe around people and not say something in case there is an argument. I think a lot of people in this house are kinda like sheep and have seen she is popular on the outside and therefore don’t want to go against on the inside. Whereas I don’t give a s**t.”

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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