Big Brother 2013: Twins given new task to imitate Dexter and Gina!


Big Brother doesn’t think it’s very fair that Jack and Joe are the only ones who get to experience the joy of being a twin, so things are about to change!

For today’s task Big Brother wants Jack and Joe to become other housemates twins. Jack will become Dexter and Joe will become Gina.

To help make this realistic, Big Brother will provide Jack and Joe full outfits so they look identical to their new twins.

Jack and Joe must also perfectly imitate Gina and Dexter, including their voices, their mannerisms and their personalities.

As well as imitating Gina and Dexter, Jack and Joe will have three small tasks they must complete.

Firstly they must get Gina and Dexter to give them each a master class in how to be Gina and Dexter.

For the second task Jack and Joe must spend some quality time with their new twins. The quality time should include an activity that their twins enjoy, with lots fun and laughter!

Lastly Jack and Joe must each have a deep heart to heart with their new twin and as they are twins they are of course allowed to talk about nominations. They will also be told to offer some good advice to their twins on how they can improve themselves, and how they can deal with situations that may be worrying them.

If the twins complete the task to Big Brothers satisfaction they will be rewarded with ice cream sundaes in the diary room.

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