Big Brother 2013 eviction: Hazel O’Sullivan can't wait to leave


With tonight's eviction looming, Hazel O'Sullivan has claimed she can't wait leave Big Brother.

The Irish model is the favourite to go and has convinced herself she'll be out too after hearing a number of boos during previous live shows.

Speaking to Charlie in the garden yesterday, Hazel insisted she would be happy to leave and say goodbye to most of the housemates.

And she said there would be no reunions after the series final later this month.

She said: After this I will no more be meeting up with people for joint parties than the man on the f**king moon. Not a f**king nope, not a f**king hope. I can't wait to see the back of them all. I can't f**king wait to see the back of everyone in here.

"Bar you [Charlie], the twins, Dan and your mum. I certainly will not be rushing out to have dinners and parties... I'm glad London is a big f**king press. Good luck if I never see them again."

Meanwhile, Dexter has also been contemplating eviction and confessed he'd be happy to leave just to get away from Callum.

He told Hazel: "If I go before him then that's fine because the public are clearly not going to like him before the time he leaves.

"I've enjoyed myself, found myself, had a wicked journey and have the public to thank for keeping me here for seven weeks. He's a ****"

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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