Big Brother 2013: Day 49 highlights and recap


Day 49 in the Big Brother 2013 house saw the latest shopping task continue.

Yesterday housemates won 50% of their total shopping budget in Day One of Nemesis. Day Two begins with more training and raw eggs to be drunk.

Gina Warrior Princess struggles with eating her five raw eggs. However Hotshot Hazel has no such issue.

Dexter The Devious is talking to Hotshot Hazel whilst she is in the shower. He tells her he has woken up still hating Cowboy Callum after their fall out the previous night.

After some training and protein the housemates decide to practice their catwalk skills.

Cowboy Callum and Strongman Sam are deliberating over who will go in Friday’s eviction. Strongman Sam thinks it will be Hotshot Hazel or Cowboy Callum.

Press conference for the next battle takes place. The Jackador will face off against The Jaded Joker.

The Jackador was voted by housemates as most likely to win but The Jaded Joker won the battle. Housemates gain no extra percentage for the shopping budget.

Strongman Sam wins his battle against Sophie Slamdown. Housemates guessed correctly and have therefore won 75% of the shopping budget and completed their task. The total shopping budget is £375.

Housemates are given permission to use the pool; The Jaded Joker and The Jackador take advantage of this by swimming round and round creating waves.

Gina cooks for the house using beer and chilli as key ingredients. Housemates are not impressed with her attempt and ban her from the kitchen in future.

Charlie is in the diary room telling Big Brother how she feels about both Callum and Dexter and their tension has been blown out of proportion.

Hazel is on the sofa with Dexter, she feels since the task last week, when housemates got to see what the public perception of her; she has noticed that certain housemates have distanced themselves from her.

Big Brother 2013 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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